M+ Silver


I’d want an Online Stockbroker that...

  • Charges very low brokerage.
  • Offers free access to Technical Charting tools and financial analysis tools.
  • Provides trading ideas and strategies to improve my trading position.
  • Provides friendly customer service and dedicated Dealer’s Representative to take care of my interest.
  • Offers me timely research report on stocks and market outlook and related technical readings.
  • Sets me apart from the crowd with timely business news like DowJones Newswires etc.
  • Protects the safety of my cash and investment portfolio.


M+ Silver – Cash Upfront

Whether you’re new to Online Investing, an experienced investor, or an active trader, M+Online has something special for you to increase your returns. M+ Silver offers tremendous saving as high as 90% on your brokerage cost. At M+ Silver , you pay less and get more, no hidden cost. You get what you see!

Call our customer service staff at 1300 22 1233 or simply visit any of our branch offices nearest to you. Discover the great value and benefits awaiting you.

Trade Online – 'PROFIT IN ONE TICK'

The extremely low brokerage rate under M+ Silver is most beneficial to active traders, and momentum traders. You can take profit with just ‘ONE’ tick. Even for long term investors, enjoy more than 90% cost savings in brokerage cost can be translated into significant extra profits in the long run.

Already investing with another online stockbroker? Meet our M+ Online team, we’ll guide you and support you every step of the way to realize your dream to achieve financial freedom. Transfer your share portfolio to us, hassle-free! It’s time to make serious money. Join now to enjoy real time share price information, market research and real-time market insights, market news, workshops and a host of other easy-to-use tools to make investing a breeze for you.

Yes, enjoy all these benefits, at a very low cost!



  • Brokerage fee of 0.05% per contract or minimum brokerage at RM8, whichever is higher.
  • Trading limit 0.98x on cash deposit in Trust.
  • Interest bearing for trust account as high as 2.7% p.a.
  • Auto trade settlement on T+3.
  • Trade and manage your trading account in real-time whenever and wherever in the world via iPhone, Android devices or laptop connectivity.
  • Real-time favourite watch-lists, portfolio management and client summary.
  • Access to M+ Online in-house Research with good coverage of equities research, news, stock recommendations and technical market outlook.
  • View your Real-time orders, trade history, share transactions settlement details.
  • Enjoy greater security with our dual-password features.
  • Technical Charting capability with more than 15 indicators.
  • Customized Watch-list and Portfolio management.
  • Integrated stock alerts facility including support for SMS and email.
  • Access in-house and premium news report from Dow Jones Newswire for premium account.
  • Regular training programs on practical use and detail walkthrough of the M+ Online Trading System; trading strategies, stock forum etc.

*Terms & conditions apply.